Elumen advice - eggplant to light brown balayage


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Hi All - My hair is currently colored with a mix of Goldwell Elumen VV@all (dark purple eggplant) and NG@6 (brown) and is at about a level 4 (pic attached). I have about an inch of roots and my natural color is a level 5 so not a huge contrast. I have purposefully not colored for 2.5 months and the color has started to fade and look more brown than eggplant. I want to go lighter but I want to avoid bleaching or using color remover everywhere since I'm not terribly picky about the outcome - I just want to move away from all over eggplant and get lighter eventually.

Below is my color plan. The question is, what kind of toner should I buy assuming I need one for the bleached balayage portions (alternate plans are totally welcomed too!):
  1. All over color with Goldwell Elumen bg@7 (medium light brown)
  2. Balayage with Wella Blondor bleach
  3. Tone with??? I also wanted to add in a few pieces of a light purple to the balayaged sections for a light purple to keep things fun. I'm not sure how to take the Elumen VV@all (purple) and lighten it up without buying a blond Elumen color. They're pretty pricey so I am avoiding that since I'll only need tiny amounts (I have a bob). I've read mixing it with conditioner doesn't work but maybe Elumen just says that.

Thanks for your input!