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  1. Pearlmoonnails

    Halo top coat lid broken?

    Hi, I have started using halo top and base coat for my services and I can't nock the products they last really well. My issue is I am not a very busy tech as I have only been open around 2 months and only have 2/3 regular clients at the moment and I have noticed that my halo no wipe top coat lid...
  2. M

    Halo pure nails, colour recommendations?

    Hi, looking at purchasing Halo to to test these out but could do with some advice from those who currently use it. - there seem to be a few different base & top coats, which would you recommend? - what colours are best for a basic starting set, nudes pinks? Any recommendations? Thanks x
  3. C

    The best gel base and top coat?

    Hey guys Just wondering if anybody could help me really struggling with finding a good base and top coat that won’t peel. The best I’ve found so far is blue sky however I don’t want to use that on my clients. I have tried IDB which is rubbish and nails just lift. I’ve tried gelux and that...