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  1. florianb

    Blondor Seal&Care vs ColorMotion+ Post Color

    If I were to choose between Blondor Seal&Care vs ColorMotion+ Post Color, which one has the most acidic PH value? I assume Blondor would be the one, since it is meant to be used after lighting services. Also, would there be any benefit using it each washing, after using the mask? Thank you very...
  2. K

    Half head colour

    Hi my friends daughter has asked if I could colour her hair. She has base shade of 6 which is virgin but wants to part her hair down the middle and have half her natural colour and the other half koleston 12/81. I haven’t done colour for quite some time as I now only cut so a bit rusty. I...
  3. L

    BlondeMe on scalp bleach and tone help!

    Hi there, I just started at a new salon where they use Schwartzkopf Blondeme for all lightening services. I've loved it so far for highlighting/foiling services. However for on scalp bleach and tones I have not had a good result for the 4 on scalp applications I've done. At my last salon I've...
  4. MariaTvb

    Wella Blondor on scalp bleach

    Hello! Is it ok to use 1:1 blondor with 6% on scalp to get platinum white blonde? Thank you!
  5. MariaTvb

    Wella blondor ratio help

    Hello! I'm naturally a level 4 and I've been bleaching my hair to get that perfect platinum white hair for years. Can you please help me with an opinion which would be better for on scalp bleach? a)Wella blondor 1:1.5(half 6%, half 9%) b)Wella blondor 1:1(6%) I've never tried this ratio 1:1...