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    Nail crisis, please help!

    I recently got acrylic nails, I have hand then on 3 days now and the 4th finger on my right hand was caught on something and it really is painful! It's oozing with pus and was bleeding when I caught it. I have it cut down and taped up at the minute but how do I get the acrylic off without...
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    Client said nails all broke?

    I qualified in gel manicure a few months ago and have been doing nails regularly. Most clients are very happy with my nails, had a few that have had chips but admitted it was probably due to them being too harsh on hands and I’ve also had several clients with chip free nails for 2/3 weeks! So...
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    Fungus, bruising? Disturbing!

    So attached is a picture of my nails. One of my nails broke so I took it off, because I find the salons I go to to be very rough on my nails. I noticed discoloration which I thought might be mold. The finger next to it was also feeling sensitive so I took that nail off as well. What I found is...