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    Mobile nail tech advice

    Hi all, I am wondering if you have any recommendations for professional gel polish in the mini 7ml versions? Due to being mobile my larger bottles are taking up a lot of space. I have a couple of the gel bottle minis and glitterbel Hema free minis. I seem to get on with both. But right now...
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    Magpie Build Me Up

    Hi. I trained in hard gel overlays using both TGB BIAB (which I now understand comes with a large risk of reactions) and IBD builder gel. Given the concerns around white bottle brands, as well as the limited colour choice with IBD, I am exploring my options and feel like I'm leaning towards...
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    BIAB popping off

    I've used builder in a bottle with success for a few months now but I have one client who is having issues. She had had 3 applications now but they keep popping off after just one week 🤔She is following my recommendations she has a job which involves lots of heavy lifting, so I'm pretty sure...
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    BIAB issues?

    Hi, was just wondering if anyone has ever experienced an issue with clients having The Gel Bottle BIAB just come clean off of one of their nails? Following all the correct usual steps but recently for some reason it’s just not staying? Wondered if anyone had experienced this before and knew of...
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    E-file recommendations please?

    I have recently opened a salon in my home and at the moment am offering gel nails, builder gels and gel extensions. I am confident with hand filing but think its time to look into training and an e-file to save me some time. Can anybody recommend me an beginner e-file please? - it will mostly be...
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    Builder gel removal, what am I doing wrong?

    Hi, newbie here.. So I got my certificate a few weeks ago and as I’ve been adviced, I went to my local capital hair&beauty. When I asked if they have any soak off gels (builder gel, not gel polish) they recommended the soak off UV builder base gel, also referred to as “builder in a bottle” by...
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    NSI Secrets gel?

    Some experience with this gel?
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    Which IBD bonder or primer should I be using?

    I am currently using IBD LED/UV Builder gel (Hard Gel) for my gel extension sets, I have an LED/UV lamp. I am also currently using IBD Powerbond directly before applying the builder gel. I buff the nail and use a dehydrator immediately before applying the Powerbond. I am still experiencing...
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    Using different brand builder gels for infills

    Hi all, I have been using Cuccio cool cure self levelling gel for my gel extensions for quite some time now but recently have started using IBD builder gel which i find so much easier to use. When it comes to my client's infill appointments, can I use the IBD gel over the top of the Cuccio...