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  1. J

    Change in career, advice needed please

    Hey, Im looking towards a change in career from an office based role into skin care and eventually SPMU. I have spent hours researching but feel a bit lost with all the information that ive found. Im 32 and have no beauty experience. I would like to focus purely on skin- RF facials, peeling...
  2. S

    25 years old and wanting to start a career in hairdressing!

    Hello everyone! So basically I work in a very boring customer services job, full time. The money is good but it is destroying my soul. Ever since leaving school I have wanted to do hair but my mother bullied me into taking A Levels. Lockdown has given me a whole new perspective and I just cannot...
  3. Elohelay

    Want to train as an Aesthetician - 33 & worked in marketing for 10 years

    Hi guys, As my title says I want to become an Aesthetician. I’m currently a digital strategist, and I’m so unhappy with my life. I have been interested in skincare and beauty since I was little, and had always assumed that when I would have children, I would pick up makeup or something, but as...