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  1. I

    Light elegance cleanser vs scrubfresh

    Hey! Is there a difference between the light elegance cleanser and CNDs scrubfresh? I’ve just switched to LE p+ from CND Shellac and I’m still currently using up my CND prep products incl scrubfresh and disperse. wondered what people’s thoughts were? Xx
  2. sazmcgee

    Lecente foil gel fail

    I’ve been using the Lecente foil gel for some time and whilst it’s okay for detailed use, I find that when I apply it over the entire nail, the foil doesn’t stay on. One client had the foil stay on for five days before the foil wore away revealing the gel colour underneath. So the nail coating...
  3. T

    SELLING … SHELLAC 56 beautiful shades

    I have 56 lovely shades of shellac most unused The rest have little use and some just put on a colour pop nail. Perfect for a new collection or topping up your stock . All bought from Sweet Squared Please see photos for shades I would like £100 them please I also have a CND lamp which I would...
  4. E

    Supply issues?

    my place of work has been struggling to keep our retail and other products in stock. supposedly skinceuticals and CND has been back ordered throughout the last year due to covid. our shellac polish supply is dwindling with no restock in sight. our retail shelves are getting emptier by the day. i...
  5. K

    Brands with a wide brush, similar to CND?

    Hey everyone, I mainly use CND Vinylux and I absolutely love the brush, how long the polish lasts and (usually) how well it applies, but I find the color selection lacking a bit. Are there any recommendations for brands similar to CND Vinylux, especially in terms of the wide brush? Basically...
  6. R

    Nail art clean up with The Gel Bottle

    I've recently got a few colours from The Gel Bottle which I love but am finding them a little harder to work with for nail art. I usually use CND shellac and trained with them so am used to using isopropyl alcohol to neaten up any edges on my nail art - tried this with TGB and whilst its okay...
  7. I

    The Gel Bottle (converting from CND Shellac)

    Hi! I’m looking at converting to the Gel Bottle. Currently I’m using CND shellac but I’m finding it just isn’t lasting as well as it used to :-( After a lot of research I’m looking at picking up just a few key colours from the gel bottle to start - what would you recommend? What have you all...
  8. Lillyb

    CND training

    I want to do some training I'm a complete beginner!! I have heard highly of the CND training but I'm either being really silly or I cant seem to find a class near me. I live in the surrey area. Anyone who has done training with them what did you think is it worth the money
  9. sazmcgee

    Mixing CND Creative Play gel & Shellac

    So I’ve recently expanded my service list to include not only cnd shellac but also cnd Creative Play. I wondered whether anyone has been using both gels within the same service. ie applying shellac base coat, shellac colour coat & then maybe a layer of creative play gel before finishing with the...
  10. S

    CND training?

    Just wanted some information on the CND acrylic training! If you have done it, was you a complete beginner? (No experience) How much did you learn from the course and if the content was good !! I’m really skeptical about acrylic courses, and the cnd one is mentioned a lot! Just not sure if it’s...
  11. K

    CND over IBD hard gel

    Hey! Was just wondering if there is any other way to get a perfect finish on the gel before shellac application. I cure my apex layer and then file to correct neat shape but I sometimes when I add the shellac on top it doesn’t go over the groves as it does with a normal nail. Which is of...
  12. H

    CND Shellac & Polygel

    Hi there I am Level 3 Beauty qualified (2002) but worked in a different industry all my life. Following maternity leave, I am looking to work from home. I'm currently trained with Nouveau Lashes, Body Sugaring, Spray Tan and Henna Brows....but I have never been able to master nails. I have...
  13. I

    Lecente Smooth It, is it worth it?

    Hey everyone. So I held off getting lecente smooth it when it was first released and then it was out of stock. Now it’s back in stock I’m thinking of getting it, but wanted peoples opinions on it first.... Is it worth it? And what’s your experiences with it? Do you use it on lots of client? Etc...
  14. sazmcgee

    Using CND Brisa Bond under Shellac?

    I’m having issues at the moment with clients with either oily nails or dry brittle nails having their shellac chip and lift within 7-10 days. I thought I’d found the solution with Brisa Lite only to discover it had been discontinued But would the Brisa liquid bond by CND applied under the...
  15. HelenKnight

    Top ten CND Shellac colours?

    Hey, I’m completing my shellac beginners course at the end of this month and I’m beginning to put together a list of colours I want. What would your top ten “best sellers” be?!
  16. Bec96

    Gel polish brands?

    Hi I’m looking to do a manicure and gel polish course as this is something I would love to do I’m new to all of this and just reading into so much into everything at the minute. My only issue is I’m going to need most the products to pass my course with photo evidence I am wanting to work with...
  17. E

    CND Shellac beginners course

    Hi ladies, I am sitting the CND Shellac Beginners course next Tuesday/Wednesday. I currently have no experience in nails and am quite nervous to sit the pre-assessment - I have been reading through the text book sent to me from Sweet Squared but there is a lot to take in!! Does anybody have any...