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  1. K

    " Expensive Blonde" hair colour

    Hi everyone, I took a step back from hairdressing a few years ago due to going into a different career. However, I still do my sister and a few friends hair from time to time. My colour knowledge isn't the strongest and my friend has been having full head bleach highlights for the last few...
  2. L

    Colour change advice

    Hi. I need a little colour advice. I don’t often work with bright colours but I have a customer whose hair I pre lightened and dyed half yellow half orange. She would now like to go like the picture at the bottom and I’m not sure how to go about it. Would I need to strip out or pre colour etc. TIA
  3. S

    Need help correcting hair that has gone too ashy and dark

    So i let my friend practice using wella colour i wanted a natural dirty blonde thats close to my hair colour but is lighter. We chose wella illumina 7.81 and she mixed it with 9.0 to lighten the tone with 1.9% developer (i had ligjt golden blonde colour treated hair) The colour seemed to turn...
  4. Gs Nails and Beauty

    Directions with colour correction

    So hair is not my area of expertise but I’m really hoping someone can help me! I had blonde ombré that, during lockdown, I stupidly decided to dye Purple using Directions dye. It has now washed out but left my hair a pale Green and Yellow. I tried to use a hair colour remover but it didn’t do...
  5. nichuntr

    Level 5 red toned to a level 7 ash

    Hi, I have a client who currently has a Milkshake 5.87 (I think, but definitely at a level 5) and she's wanting to go to Affinage 7.2 which is very ash. How am I going to do this? Lift to higher than a 7 and tone down? Do I need to use colour remover before hand to make it easier? Any help would...
  6. AJonesMobile

    Salon disaster surprisingly!

    Guys and Girls bit of a long one please bare with! Let me set the scene! o_O So for once i am the client with a problem however due to the tones left behind vs the condition of my hair i am completely stumped at what to do i know i should probably leave it alone for the best but im not happy...
  7. H

    Colour advice please

    Hi! After some advice on a client I'm doing a colour for please. She has a natural ginger root coming through into previously coloured hair (around base 5/6 with hints of red/purple). She is wanting to lighten her overall colour (to a base 7) with ash tones running into a balyage (as light as...