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  1. Severnrose

    Bikini Model Tan (Competition Tan)

    Hi, I have never done a competition tan before (bodybuilding / bikini model) however I am tanning a friend at the weekend for hers. I’m a confident spray tanner but am fully aware that the process is a little different! There are 3 things I’m thinking about and wondered if anyone could advise...
  2. Nailsbynataliamalaga

    Anyone going to salon look Madrid expo?

    Evening, anyone here going to the expo in Madrid in October for the nailympics? I'm competing in stilleto division would love to speak to others who are attending :) x
  3. R

    Bodybuilding/dance competing spray tanning

    Hello, I’m just starting up mobile spray tanning, I’ve completed level 1&2 sienna X spray tan courses and my level 3 is in October, I know this level is to do with body contouring using spray tanning but I’m unsure if it specifies in bodybuilding competing tanning, as I don’t know if sienna x...