Bikini Model Tan (Competition Tan)


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Dec 1, 2011
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Leighton Buzzard
Hi, I have never done a competition tan before (bodybuilding / bikini model) however I am tanning a friend at the weekend for hers. I’m a confident spray tanner but am fully aware that the process is a little different! There are 3 things I’m thinking about and wondered if anyone could advise:

1. Do I still apply barrier cream to the usual areas?
2. I don’t normally spray under boobs but this will definitely be on show on stage - do I ask her to lift her boobs up before tanning her chest area?
3. She said the last lady who tanned her, asked her to bend forward and part her bum cheeks ….. if this is necessary I guess I need to do this before tanning her bum cheeks / back of legs?!
4. Do you dry under boob / smile lines before moving on to the next area?

If you have any other tips for tanning those areas that would be fab. I am so used to doing natural looking tans that I’m nervous about leaving white areas because the competition tan is so dark!!

Thanks guys

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