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    Prepig hair question

    I have a client who used to get a full head of highlights, but now has 4 inch of regrowth , natural level 6. But now wants change to go to a level 5 brown with copper lights. I know I can prepig hair with perfection, but then I would have to lift lights again to lift the /44 perfecton out...
  2. L

    Copper hair colour help request 🙏

    Hi, my client has asked for a bright copper colour and has shown me this photo. She is currently a platinum silver blonde. I was thinking of using Wella Koleston in colours 7/34 1/2 and 7/37 1/3 - would this be too dull - go too dark for this colour? Not done a copper before. Thanks so much
  3. C

    Wella help for vibrant coppery hair

    Hello, I’m new to copper hair.. I have a client that’s now wanting me to do her colour too! She likes the vibrant coppers and likes the multi tonal look (first few pics). im just wondering how I would achieve something like this on her already coloured golden/copper hair? I’ll attach a close...