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    BIAB fill - cuticles

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone can tell me, usually when I get my nails done for the first time, they soak my cuticles in a soapy(?) water mixture and then trim back around the cuticle and do all those things to get my skin around the nail beds tidied up and ready for the manicure. I had my...
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    Pushing back sensitive cuticles

    Hey! I’m a newbie so be gentle haha! I’m currently a nail tech in training. I decided to give my mum a manicure for practice and she’s over 60. She has a thyroid condition so obviously takes medication for it. She NEVER uses cuticle oil or moisturises her hands, despite them being dry all the...
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    Cuticle help!

    I had a client message me a week after having her nails done (new client) she had a bare manicure (cuticle work,hand massage,no colour) to say her cuticles have peeled since. I’ve never had this happen before can someone explain or no why this is? Photo attached! Thankyou!