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  1. C

    The Future of Education in the Hair and Beauty Industry

    I am looking for your thoughts and ideas about how education in the hair and beauty industry could be improved and I'm giving you the chance to win a £100 voucher for just telling me what you think :-). Click now to fill in a short questionnaire and help hairdressers, barbers and beauty...
  2. K

    Hairdressing lecturer

    Hi everyone, my name is kirstie I’m new to salon geek ! I’m looking for some advice I’m a senior stylist and I’m a hairdressing lecturer at our local college. I hoping to immigrate once covid etc calms down. I was hoping someone can give me some advice on hairdressing lecturer/educator jobs...
  3. cph21

    How long to train for?

    I'm hoping to get some guidance from all you experienced hair stylists on here! Basically, I've spent the last 10+ years working as a hair & makeup artist in the fashion industry in London, where I'm from. I've since relocated to a EU country where the industry for this is tiny so I've decided...
  4. J

    Lash lift brand training options - advice/opinions wanted

    Hi, Tried to summarise my question in the subject heading, but essentially I am trying to decide between taking Elleebana lash lift online training, and taking SugarLash Pro Online Lash Lift training. There is quite a cost difference - Elleebana is just over $1000 Canadian for online training...
  5. wowbb

    Looking for trainers across all ranges and areas

    We are expanding our network of trainers and have fantastic opportunities available for educators to join our team. If you have your AET and love teaching or you want to start teaching beauty courses then this might be for you. Ranges include Lashes, brows, tanning, waxing and nails throughout...
  6. S

    Pedicure education?

    Hello salon geek members I'm Sara and only just found this forum and so far I see so many of you supporting one and other and giving great advice which I think is just amazing. So I thought i would kindly see if I could ask for some feedback and any thoughts you may have on my idea? First of...
  7. Cesar

    My webinar on prices and discounts

    Hi everyone - I'll be running a free, live webinar June 27th, at 7:00pm UK time on how to effectively price your work, as well as how and when to discount at the salon :) Feel free to book your spot - the more the merrier!
  8. V

    Training costs?

    Hi I am looking for Key information or if anyone knows where is best to get a 'Training cost' agreement./contract ? Training cost …. for the employer (myself) to have an agreement for an employee who is going on a hairdressing course that myself/business has paid for. I've seen a few that...
  9. K

    Writing course manuals

    hi all, I have my teaching qualifications and now want to look into becoming an abt accredited school but I'll need my own manuals. surely they all say the same thing!? obviously coping others can't be done so how do you start? and where can I get the content? any advice please? thanks