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  1. J

    Lash lift brand training options - advice/opinions wanted

    Hi, Tried to summarise my question in the subject heading, but essentially I am trying to decide between taking Elleebana lash lift online training, and taking SugarLash Pro Online Lash Lift training. There is quite a cost difference - Elleebana is just over $1000 Canadian for online training...
  2. L

    Elleebana rods or shields?

    Hi. Im totally new to salongeek so hopefully im posting in the right place. I was wondering what peoples thoughts were on the elleebana rods and shield. Do you prefer one over the other? Also which rod is the closest size to the medium shield? Thanks in advance.
  3. jvyse2012

    LVL -v- Ellebana

    Hi lovelies! I offer LVL lash lifts by Noveau but I’m just not happy enough with the results, consistency is a problem and service is something else I won’t even begin on ‍♀️ SO I decided to try out Elleebana after hearing great things, I did my first lash lift tonight using their products...
  4. F

    Elleebana lash lift and belmacil tint

    Can anyone tell me if the Elleebana last lift and belmacil tint kit is any of the following : Vegan friendly Or Vegetarian friendly Or Not tested on animals Thanks x
  5. N

    Elleebana lash lift help!

    Hi, I have been doing lash lifts for years using iappeal and have recently changed over to Elleebana due to the quick processing time. I have never had any problems with lash lifts but I have just used Elleebana for the first time on 2 regular lash lift clients and both clients have come back...