1. jvyse2012

    LVL -v- Ellebana

    Hi lovelies! I offer LVL lash lifts by Noveau but I’m just not happy enough with the results, consistency is a problem and service is something else I won’t even begin on ‍♀️ SO I decided to try out Elleebana after hearing great things, I did my first lash lift tonight using their products...
  2. F

    Elleebana lash lift and belmacil tint

    Can anyone tell me if the Elleebana last lift and belmacil tint kit is any of the following : Vegan friendly Or Vegetarian friendly Or Not tested on animals Thanks x
  3. N

    Elleebana lash lift help!

    Hi, I have been doing lash lifts for years using iappeal and have recently changed over to Elleebana due to the quick processing time. I have never had any problems with lash lifts but I have just used Elleebana for the first time on 2 regular lash lift clients and both clients have come back...