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I have been doing lash lifts for years using iappeal and have recently changed over to Elleebana due to the quick processing time. I have never had any problems with lash lifts but I have just used Elleebana for the first time on 2 regular lash lift clients and both clients have come back to me saying that their lashes have gone wild in different directions and have almost curled back on themselves. In my experience, this sounds like they have over processed, however I am unsure as to how this has happened. I carefully read the instructions that came with the products and I also watched various training videos. The first client to come back to me noticed the lashes curling back on themselves later that day after her appointment. When using the iappeal lash lift products on this particular client, I would leave the perming and setting lotions on for the maximum time of 15 minutes as she has thick, strong lashes and always had great results. I was under the impression to leave the elleebana lotion (1) on for 5-10 minutes (depending on the strength of the lashes) as per the instructions that came with the products so I left it on for 9 minutes. I covered the eyes with cotton pads and placed a flannel over which was also in the instructions and what I had seen in videos. I then removed the lotion with wet cotton pads and applied the setting lotion which I left on for 6 minutes. I, again, covered with cotton eye pads and a flannel during the setting time and removed with wet cotton pads. They looked great at the end of the treatment but by the evening they had over curled. The other client noticed after a week that they were going wild!

Please can someone tell me how long they leave lotion 1 and 2 on depending on the strength of the lashes? Also, do you cover with cotton pads and a flannel? I was trained to cover with clingfilm only for iappeal but my instructions and videos I have watched show to use cotton eyepads and a flannel. Please help!


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id advise you go on a training day, there was lots of people in my training who had came just because they were having the same issue as you. I do Elleebana lash lifts and i have never left a solution on for any longer than 8 minutes, i find with fair short hairs i usually leave solution 1 on for around 5-6 minutes and coarse hairs for 8. Also, i always put solution 2 on for just a minute less than solution 1. I learnt to cover eyes with a tissue but its only for the clients comfort and I've found that it doesn't really affect the outcome of the lashes. But from the sounds of it you need to speak to specially an elleebana trainer.


Thank you for your reply. Yes, I will definitely look at training courses! :)


I agree with the above response, I was told no.1 - 6mins
No.2 - 5mins and we didn’t cover the eyes at all, hope this helps x