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  1. C

    Best lash extensions courses, Herts, Beds & Bucks

    Hi, I am looking to train in lash extensions and I really want to make sure I am training with the best of the best and a company who don't just stop caring once you've done the course. I'm very tempted by Nouveu as I want to do the Extend, SVS and LVL courses. They are pricey but I am happy...
  2. Kassy Jackson

    Eyelash extensions - gel pads or tape, what works best?

    Hi all I’m new to eyelash extensions and was wondering what is best to use under the eye Gel pads or Tape. I like the pads however I find after a little while they start to lift and then become completely useless. Because I’m a little slow at the moment I need something that will stay in place...
  3. monicaselena

    Question about clients eyelash retention

    Hello! I just filled my clients lashes yesterday. I used ebl Grand Rapids lash glue and I had a 30% humidity which from the website said it was an ideal humidity level. She sent me a message saying a whole bunch fell out . I just opened the bottle with her set ! She did get her brows done...