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  1. Benowen

    Eyelash extension material

    Hi, I have a beauty salon and I needed eyelash extension material. From which store I was buying that material its quality is getting worse slowly. I want a high quality eyelash material. I need your suggestions from where I may have eyelash material?
  2. A

    Eyelash extension retention has been bad since Covid?

    Hey everyone idk whats goin on but maybe asking on here will help. Basically ive been using the same glue for the past 3 years and its from "Lash Makers" never had any issues regarding retention with it. I had to quarantine in march and reopened in july, used the same bottle of glue and had no...
  3. C

    Best lash extensions courses, Herts, Beds & Bucks

    Hi, I am looking to train in lash extensions and I really want to make sure I am training with the best of the best and a company who don't just stop caring once you've done the course. I'm very tempted by Nouveu as I want to do the Extend, SVS and LVL courses. They are pricey but I am happy...
  4. Kassy Jackson

    Eyelash extensions - gel pads or tape, what works best?

    Hi all I’m new to eyelash extensions and was wondering what is best to use under the eye Gel pads or Tape. I like the pads however I find after a little while they start to lift and then become completely useless. Because I’m a little slow at the moment I need something that will stay in place...
  5. monicaselena

    Question about clients eyelash retention

    Hello! I just filled my clients lashes yesterday. I used ebl Grand Rapids lash glue and I had a 30% humidity which from the website said it was an ideal humidity level. She sent me a message saying a whole bunch fell out . I just opened the bottle with her set ! She did get her brows done...