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    BIAB issues?

    Hi, was just wondering if anyone has ever experienced an issue with clients having The Gel Bottle BIAB just come clean off of one of their nails? Following all the correct usual steps but recently for some reason it’s just not staying? Wondered if anyone had experienced this before and knew of...
  2. S

    Capping Gel Bottle Inc?

    Hi, I’m testing out some gel bottle inc colours and am going on a course very soon. Just wondered if you cap the free edge first or last when painting? I used to use gelish and they always taught first but just wondered if this was different with the gel bottle? Also if it still only a thin...
  3. A

    Conservatory for doing nails, help!

    I’m starting out as a nail tech and am planning on converting a conservatory- more like a ‘lean-to’ into a nail salon. I didn’t even consider this might be an issue until I saw a nail post on Facebook, where people have said this is a ‘no-go’ and that gel will cure on the brush in conservatories...
  4. N

    Young Nails Protein Bond and IBD

    Hi all, I have recently been advised to use Young Nails Protein Bond to prevent lifting on my gel extensions. I am currently using IBD hard builder gel. Does anyone have any experience in hai g this particular combination. I’m not sure if I should be mixing brands?
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    Gel Bottle inc lamp?

    I’ve recently been trained by gelish now I’m seeing The Gel Bottle Inc has good reviews, do people recommend staying with Gelsih products or try Gel Bottle inc? Also would the Gelish 18g led lamp cure The Gel Bottle inc products?