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  1. K

    IBD, halo or magpie? I need to invest in a new brand

    Hello. I have been using a cheap nail brand to start out and I’m ready to invest. It’s mind boggling the options. I would obviously like to get the most for my money. I have a sun UV lamp which I would like to keep ideally so something that is compatible with that (magpie want me to use the...
  2. V

    What is the shiniest top coat?

    I'm on the hunt for the shiniest top coat. So far I like CND Brisas top coat but it doesn't last as long and although it has a blue tint to keep colors bright it can also slightly alter the color shade that's very obvious to my own eyes. I also really like Orly's non-wipe top coat. It's very...
  3. M

    Which brand for gel nails - CND, CJP & Ikon.IQ shortlist?

    Any advice would be appreciated. I'm starting out as a gel nail tech with a view to doing nail art too, but not acrylics. From reading past threads I have shortlisted CND Shellac, CJelP and Ikoniq but am open to other recommendations! Ikoniq Prima Gels claim to be a true gel polish as opposed...
  4. Z

    Gel nails help

    Hi everyone I’m looking at starting to offer Gel as an add on for manicures and pedicures but struggling which brand to choose. Ideally I’d like to have a gel system that matches normal lacquer such as the Shellac/ Vinylux , The Gel Bottle/ Peacci, Gelish/ Morgan Taylor and Cuccio. But I’m...
  5. G

    Gel polish and acrylic brands?

    Hi everyone! I’m opening a salon next month (I know call me crazy!) I need some help with what GEL POLISH brand to use? And acrylic brands? I’m not a fan of as it’s never lasted on me, I’ve been looking at getting the Gelish brand but I’m open to looking into any! Obv long lasting and good...
  6. C

    Certificate approval for The Gel Bottle

    Hi everyone, I’ve just gone through the process of putting together a package of colours etc on The Gel Bottle website when just before I’m about to pay they ask me to upload my certificates. I uploaded my Level 2 certificate because as part of my course we learnt gel nails and can’t find my...
  7. Loulaaxx

    Halo gel polish

    I was looking at getting some halo gel polish ... I currently use gel by gel nails and it is fab ... halo gel have soo many colours but I don’t want to buy a few colours if they are not going to last ... I would still be using my gel by gel nails base and top coat ... please let me know your...
  8. S

    New to gels, recommendations greatly appreciated!

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to gels although I have been doing nails for several years. Can you all post your favorite brands? It's overwhelming at all the brands that are available out there. Any advice would be appreciated especially on specific brands! Thanks in advance!