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  1. Blackxs

    Hard gel extensions not full coverage?

    Hi, I have just completed a course in Hard Gel extensions, but something I have now noticed when practicing nails at home is that when I apply my gel polish ontop of the clear gel extensions is that when you hold the nails up to the light they are very see through. Is this normal with clear hard...
  2. Blackxs

    Acrylic extensions or gel extensions?

    Hi I am starting out in Nails and can't decide which course to do first. Would you recommend Acrylic extensions or gel extensions? I eventually want to offer both but at the moment can only afford to go on one of the courses. What do clients prefer coming to you for? Thank you so much for your help.
  3. nirvanawalsh

    Help, issues with gel extensions

    Hi I’m newly qualified since October 2019, I took a course in gel polish and gel extensions, gel polish I’m great with and don’t have any problems, although gel extensions I’m struggling with a little, I’m confident with how to do them and in the end they look great, although they aren’t staying...
  4. LinF

    Speeding up gel extensions

    Hi, I'm training in gel extensions but I'm really struggling with timeing. Does anyone have any tips? I use ibd clear and builder with tips and gel polish
  5. S

    Nail forms over tips?

    Hii Iv been doing nails for years (really would like to go to a refresher course tbh) Iv never had confidence in doing other people’s nails, always felt like to took too long or they just looked awful. So I gave up doing extensions and only ever did gel overlaps or polish In the last 6...
  6. K

    Bitten nails “fallen off”

    So last night I done a young girls nails who bit her nails and the day after two nails “fell off” so she ripped them all off!!! I done gel nail extensions... which I have done on other clients before. Now asking for a refund. Have others had this before on nail bitters? I’m now wary of doing...
  7. M

    Gel nail beginner

    Hi, I have been practicing acrylic nails for some time now and am about to learn gel. I have a course booked in April but would like to get some practice in first, but I'm a bit confused. From what I have read and tutorials I have watched, I believe you have to apply a base gel first before you...
  8. S

    Ink London gel and nail extensions

    I’ve been looking at ink London to use as my new system on clients once I passed my gel polish course ( I’m already a qualified beauty therapist), however in the future I would like to do a course on nail extensions but ink nails only seem to do acrylink course? there a huge difference...
  9. N

    Young Nails Protein Bond and IBD

    Hi all, I have recently been advised to use Young Nails Protein Bond to prevent lifting on my gel extensions. I am currently using IBD hard builder gel. Does anyone have any experience in hai g this particular combination. I’m not sure if I should be mixing brands?
  10. S

    Gel extensions lifting after only a few days, help!

    Hi, the gel extensions I am doing are lifting after about 3-4 days and I don’t understand what I am doing wrong. This is the process I follow: -push back cuticles and wipe - buff -wipe with prep and clean solution - apply tip -blend tip in, buff and wipe clean -apply dehydrator and primer to...
  11. N

    Using different brand builder gels for infills

    Hi all, I have been using Cuccio cool cure self levelling gel for my gel extensions for quite some time now but recently have started using IBD builder gel which i find so much easier to use. When it comes to my client's infill appointments, can I use the IBD gel over the top of the Cuccio...