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    Disheartened about very few clients

    Hi geeks! Hope you’re all well? Im a long time lurker, however I’ve only just recently joined the community to post! I’m looking for advice (possibly some assurance!) please? I’ve recently returned to the beauty industry after taking a break for a few years. I’ve always kept my eye on things...
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    Renting a non traditional looking therapy room?

    I have found therapy rooms to rent in a busy area but from the outside it doesn’t look much like where someone would go for a treatment, it looks more like an office block. I have seen photos of the inside and they have lots of different sized rooms to cater to everyone I suppose but would this...
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    Getting new clients when starting in a new salon help

    I will be starting self employed in a salon within two weeks its based 10 minutes from a town centre but there is a barbers right next door which sits on the corner so people passing buy mainly see the barbers and not the salon. there is other stylist which is self employed too but she mainly...