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Jan 29, 2017
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I have found therapy rooms to rent in a busy area but from the outside it doesn’t look much like where someone would go for a treatment, it looks more like an office block.
I have seen photos of the inside and they have lots of different sized rooms to cater to everyone I suppose but would this put off clients from coming? You basically pay for the time you will need so I wouldn’t get any foot traffic as I would have to book the room for the time that I need. This would also mean that I wouldn’t be able to decorate as when I’m not using it it could be booked out to someone else.
I will obviously go and view the rooms I’m interested in but would I be better off renting in a salon? My only worry with this is as I would be just starting out I don’t have any clients and would have to pay rent whether I earned anything or not. With the therapy rooms I will only pay when I have a booking and I’m planning on taking a non refundable booking fee to deter no shows and to cover the room.
Sorry that was long! Tia x
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