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  1. Loyal_Girl

    Help with this new popular K-pop hair-color (pics)

    I’m new to female hair! Just stopped working at an old barber shop with mostly male clientele. I’m now working at a regular salon. I’ve had a lot of Asian female clients coming in requesting this color. They specifically tell me not to give them medium/dark brown hair and have shown me the...
  2. A

    I need help with hair dye please!

    Hi all, I’m not a hair dresser but I recently dyed my hair at a salon to go back to my natural colour (7na) from blonde. The stylist said they ran out of permanent dye after already starting the process on me, and said she could use a semi perm instead. She said it was practically the same thing...
  3. M

    Bleach Blonde to natural root colour?

    hello. I need some advice. I’m not a professional. I pretty much ruined my hair about 7/8 month ago with bleach. When I saw my hair falling out. I haven’t touched bleach since and I don’t want to either. I have trimmed my hair but my hair still feels weak and shed hair like a very hairy dog...
  4. D

    New Schwarzkopf hair dye brand?

    So, Schwarzkopf launched a new brand of permanent hair color on my country called "Tbh: true beautiful honest" with some really beautiful hair dye shades and less ammonia content. I really want to try them but I've been having such a hard time finding this brand on shops anywhere!!! I've tried...
  5. S

    Wella & Matrix

    I want to use Wella grey for the roots & mids but blend Matrix teal in from the ends... Will this be an issue using the Matrix tone-on-tone (uses 10vol developer) and Wella using their own developer? I'm a bit worried about the blend. Should I do the grey, wash out, then do the teal ends and...
  6. Hbk57

    Hair colour change

    I have platinum hair - I go to Toni and guy- always have a great experience- is it possible to go from full head bleach back to highlights- I’m due a scalp bleach next week but i wouldn’t mind going back to highlights. I used to get bleach and ash highlights for over 10 years and then last 2...
  7. S

    Need advice on bleaching hair!

    Okay so a little history on my hair! I’ve always been a blonde, every now and again I would dye my hair light brown just for something different but I always go back to blonde! Usually what I do is I just get box dye like Féria and it usually lifts it enough for me. I dyed my hair from light...
  8. P

    Majirel Cool Cover

    My boyfriends mum has the base of a 5 but has achieved it by using box dye over box dye over box dye for about a year. She wants her hair to be 8.11 Majirel Cool Cover. Should I bleach her hair first or?? I've just finished level 2 hair I'm still kinda new
  9. F

    Hair color

    A few months ago i dyed my hair Permanent red and bleached it but only some bleach took so i decided to go black(permanent). After a month of black i bleached it and thats where disaster started. My gair was orange, brown, and black. after using a color remover i haf just an orange color. After...
  10. G

    Has anyone used Marijel cool cover?

    Client has a natural cool base level 6.5-7, darkest ash blonde with about an inch of roots coming through and the rest of lengths a warm golden level 8 and is looking to go back to her natural colour, despite her natural ash tone she lifts very red, I’ve been recommended Marijel cool cover to...