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  1. R

    Hair extension tools

    Hi all, hope you are well. I have sone hair extension tools and hair for training I am looking to sell. I have Nano/micro loop tools - various colours Sectioning clips black Butterfly clips black Pliers Training scissors human hair in colour #4 Nano hair 20g bags Micro hair 20g bags Tape hair...
  2. G

    Hair extension trade accounts

    Hi all, I’ve just completed my training to do hair extensions. I’m looking to open up some trade accounts with two different suppliers, a low/mid range and a high range. I was recommended to use beautyworks however I’ve read you have to pay to open an account with them. I’ve also been...
  3. P

    Hair extension colour match, Beauty Works with Glamorous Lengths

    Good Morning, Please can someone help - i have a client colour matched with Beauty works "Mocha Melt" and "Golden Blond" can anyone advise what these would be from the glamorous lengths colour wheel ? Thank you xxx
  4. Extensions86

    Micro rings help push up/refit?

    Hello all, lovely ladies and gents!!! I`ve been doing micro rings not really for long. On my training I`ve been told the maintenance appointment is the extensions to be refit, row taken off and refitted, then next row etc. I found many hair extensionists do just pushing them up, without combing...
  5. G

    Hair extension course - Scotland

    Hey! Looking to take a course for hair extensions, I don’t have any background in hairdressing so would be going in as a beginner. Ideally looking for a course which will cover majority of extension types along with how to cut the hair. Any recommendations?
  6. C

    Good hair extension trading companies

    I have been doing hair extensions for about 6 months now and I need to use another supplier aswell as the one I’m using (euphoria one) as I need more colour options for blondes and platinums, does anyone have some recommendations.. I’m looking for Russian/Mongolian remy double drawn