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  1. B

    North London tutor/hair extension specialist

    Looking for a new role? You are looking in the right place! We are looking for a hair stylist/extension specialist to come and teach courses within our academy which are London and UK based. Hairdressing Tutor Role - North London Job description About us We are the UK's most prestigious...
  2. Louise@Srunch

    Hair extensions

    Hey everyone When advertising for clients for extensions and your hair suppliers. How do you word things ,do you have a written like statement style or do you just use certain words, Do you use things from the suppliers like what hair they do etc ? Do you mention there awards or runner ups in...
  3. C

    Beautyworks colour match

    Hey girls I’m wondering if anybody would possibly be able to help me. I am a recently qualified hair extensionist using euphoriaone hair supplier. My client has asked to switch to beautyworks which I’m happy to do however I cannot at the moment afford to buy the full beautyworks colour ring to...
  4. ADG

    Halo/band type of hair extension?

    I am searching for a halo/band type of hair extension that I can take off each day yet less harmful to the hair? Which brand(s) of halo/band type of hair extension would you recommend or have tried? - Halo Couture - Hidden Crown - Hotheads (The Band) At this time, I am leaning more towards the...
  5. E

    Hair extensions blonde colour

    Hi all, I’m hoping someone can help me!! Due to currently self isolating, I am unable to get out to any hairdressers. Now call me shallow but my hair is my pride and joy and I am wanting to order some extensions whilst I am stuck indoors for something to look forward to when I can get out...
  6. G

    Knotty Easilocks hair extensions above the beads

    Hi! I need some advice. I fit extensions myself, for about 4 years and I only work with Mini Locks and Easilocks (Remi Cachet and Easilocks hair ). I am very neat in my application and stress all my aftercare advice, 90% clients listen. I have had a few that say they follow all my advice...
  7. xlmxxx

    Euphoria One or Glamorous Lengths pure range?

    I am starting to offer Celebrity weave (LA weave) and Tape extensions. I have used Euphoria one Brazilian gold before which has been lovely. I want to offer a mid and higher range. I think I may offer their Indian Silver 5A as mid, Brazilian Gold as the higher quality for the weave and then...
  8. E

    Hair extensions

    I’m looking for a hair supplier, I fit all methods of hair extension and looking for some new suppliers. I usually use premium hair but find it’s too expensive for most people. I want to be able to offer a more affordable package for clients with a lower price range Any help would be great...
  9. S

    Extensions recommendations

    Ive tried glam locks and sallys but where does everyone recommend i try next for hair extensions?
  10. Charl.Tan.Hair

    American Pride extensions

    Basically am I missing the point with American pride hair extensions?? I've just completed my hair extension course through Sally's. It was for micro loop and micro ring only. They highly recommended American pride and I decided to go with that! First client books in so I order the colour...
  11. E

    Newly qualified in hair extensions

    I’m newly qualified in hair extensions and not sure how to start my price list. Do you go by the gram of how much hair you’ll need or by how many packets of hair you’ll need? I’m still practising at the moment until I feel ready to start getting some clients in but I’m just getting everything...
  12. N

    Hair extensions advice

    Hello! I am looking on some feedback from anyone who’s worked in a salon which has sold hair extensions. I would like to know how’s many hair extension would be sold on average a month. Basically I want to do a pop up shop in a salon or salons but I’d like to have an idea roughly on how many...
  13. N

    A question for salon owners, hair extensions question

    Hello! Am just wondering if anyone who owns a salon and sells hair extensions can help me. On average how many hair extensions do you sell per month? Any feedback would be much appreciated! Thanks
  14. R

    Extend celebrity hair

    Hello I’m new to hair extentions and have been looking at xtend celebrity hair on c and m beauty! Has anyone used this website or hair and have any reviews? Thank you xxx
  15. D

    Tape adhesive Glasgow

    Very last minute but I need some tape adhesive to reapply 150g of tapes Is there anywhere I can go buy this in Glasgow? Thanks
  16. Claire kerr

    Looking to change my hair supplier but unsure who to go with

    I feel like it’s time to look for a new supplier as the one I normally use doesn’t seem to be as good as it used to be. Does anyone have any preferred company’s for nanos, tiny tips, and micros in Indian, Brazilian and Russian that isn’t too expensive as my clients round my way won’t spend lots...
  17. VenessaN

    Hair extension courses

    Hello! I qualified in my NVQ Ladies level 2 & 3 at Saks quite a few years back but left the trade and did something completely different (insurance). I’ve recently decided I’d like to go back into hairdressing but I’d like to do an extension course, not being in the trade for a while it’s...
  18. L

    Cutting extensions

    I have a client who is looking to completely re-style her hair. She would like extensions added and then cut into a much shorter style (she is having them added for thickness). I am confident in cutting, blending and styling extensions but this is more a complete restyle. Should I suggest I fit...
  19. Laurenjo12

    Clip in extensions help!

    Hi all. I’m looking to purchase a set of clip ins but have had a nightmare finding a good colour match. Today I went to Sally’s and found a perfect match. Wildest dreams 18/22. I’m not sure about this brand and they don’t have this colour in stock anyway. Are hair extension colour numbers...