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  1. H

    The Manicure Company or Halo Nails?

    Hi ladies and gents, please can I have your opinions on both of these brands. Pro’s and con’s! I love how much cheaper they are to shellac (even though I’ve got a big shellac collection now.. oops!) I like that halo has more magnetic colours available and is slightly cheaper and I can order...
  2. ADG

    Halo/band type of hair extension?

    I am searching for a halo/band type of hair extension that I can take off each day yet less harmful to the hair? Which brand(s) of halo/band type of hair extension would you recommend or have tried? - Halo Couture - Hidden Crown - Hotheads (The Band) At this time, I am leaning more towards the...
  3. Loulaaxx

    Halo gel polish

    I was looking at getting some halo gel polish ... I currently use gel by gel nails and it is fab ... halo gel have soo many colours but I don’t want to buy a few colours if they are not going to last ... I would still be using my gel by gel nails base and top coat ... please let me know your...
  4. N

    Number of gel colours needed for treatment room

    Hi, I’m setting up a nail treatment room and wondered what is an ‘accepted’ amount of colours to carry. I am currently using Halo which I like and know they are reasonably priced. However, with many initial start up costs to consider I don’t know if it is necessary to stock the full range? I...
  5. M

    Halo pure nails, colour recommendations?

    Hi, looking at purchasing Halo to to test these out but could do with some advice from those who currently use it. - there seem to be a few different base & top coats, which would you recommend? - what colours are best for a basic starting set, nudes pinks? Any recommendations? Thanks x
  6. E

    Halo gel polish - applying nail art

    I have been using this and it’s proving ok so far. My problem with it is that after the second coat has been cured I am struggling a little with nail art? This could be my inexperience? However, I don’t find it as tacky as cnd shellac? So when I use foils for instance I have to press them very...