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  1. DScounterGO

    Can you help me with "eren" hairstyle?

    Should I shorten the part of my hair marked in red when I want to grow the hairstyle in the photo? maybe it's better to grow this hair out? I'm having trouble tucking this hair behind my ears and I'm not even sure what I should do.
  2. C

    Help please, suspected onychomycosis on regular client.

    I am a fully qualified and insured nail tech/beauty therapist of 8 years, this is a regular client of mine. She has been having BIAB for the past few month as her nails do not respond to anything else nothing lasts on her, she is a district nurse and rarely does anything physical in her job...
  3. D

    Help ASAP, purple toning stain in tape-ins

    I don’t know if I am absolutely daft or this is a normal issue… BUT I recently installed remy human hair tape ins to my blonde hair, and unfortunately they were a little too yellow. Whilst being in my hair, my idiot self, toned my hair extensions with purple shampoo (Fudge violet) and now the...
  4. M

    Purple colour run!

    Hey. So I’ve used a purple in foils and on washing out it's bled even with cold waterand made the ends pink. Agh! It was a permanent purple 5/88 in montibello What would you do to remove the pink from the ends? I'm thinking either effasor or clear in richesse? Although I know it will probably...
  5. L

    Copper hair colour help request 🙏

    Hi, my client has asked for a bright copper colour and has shown me this photo. She is currently a platinum silver blonde. I was thinking of using Wella Koleston in colours 7/34 1/2 and 7/37 1/3 - would this be too dull - go too dark for this colour? Not done a copper before. Thanks so much
  6. B

    Assignment help please

    Hi guys I’m currently in my hairdressing training and because of Covid it’s assignment based now instead of exam, my colouring and lightening the hair unit is due tonight and I think I’ve don’t a good job there’s just one thing I’m struggling with and thats factors to consider when using quasi...
  7. G

    Pricing for the ultimate facial

    Soooo I’m fully qualified and have been for around 5 years now. Just opened my own salon. Already do facials but wanting to add the ultimate facial to my list, however unsure of how to do pricing. Ultimate facial consists of Cleanse Steam Extraction Dermaplaning/microdermabrasion (I have a...
  8. C

    From blonde to balayage

    I have a bleach blonde client she bleached it herself over lockdown TWICE! she then got a full head of foils twice over it, second time they added heat!! Disaster! (which I didn’t do) and she has broken bits from previously beaching herself. I have give her a good cut and also a condition...
  9. Cee Elle Beauty

    Model required LVL lashes

    Hi all, Does anyone either have any suggestions on how to find a reliable model or want to be one? I have recently moved to Manchester so am completely new to the area and don’t know anyone yet - I have been a qualified spa therapist for 8 years but am expanding my skill set more in the beauty...