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  1. Colour_Freak_91

    Malibu C CPR UK Alternative

    Hi, I'm looking for an easier to source alternative to Malibu C CPR? I like it because it gets a lot of too dark colour out without a heavy chemical smell and it doesn't re-oxidise. All of my usual revenues for buying it have gone sky high in price because it seems to be some sort of trend at...
  2. L

    White hair coverage

    Hi I've not done hair in quite a while just family so I'm really in need of a refresh on colour theory to reassure myself before i do this hair. She's been having highlights with 6% and a 10.21 toner which has been beautiful for 2 years. However, she's now salt and pepper in the back (the...
  3. Louise@Srunch

    Non paying clients

    Name says it all . Can anyone advise me if there is anything that I can actually do ? Ok long one Back story - client came December, loved her hair, purple balayage , then came back February for same and hair didn’t do what was supposed to do this time. (More bluey purple than purple, she...