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Jun 2, 2022
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Name says it all .

Can anyone advise me if there is anything that I can actually do ? Ok long one

Back story - client came December, loved her hair, purple balayage , then came back February for same and hair didn’t do what was supposed to do this time. (More bluey purple than purple, she then tells me she used stuff during the time 😩🤦🏼‍♀️(ok no problem I’ll see what can do to fix )

Any ways she’s eager to get to work that day, and I had school run then was away for a few days(long weekend in February)
So I said I’d rushed and pick up something to sort it out til I was back(which I did) then she said she was too tired to collect it . I said ok if your ok til Tuesday I will get you back in and redo it all, we will sort everything on Tuesday (only deposit£15 paid)
Anyways long story short never heard from her again. So I took the hit and put it at the back of my mind. And forgot about it.
She then messaged in may asking to get it sorted and I said i would need the other payment first and a higher new deposit.or full payment , Which she said fine to. I also said I wasn’t able to fit her in the day she wanted but to message me once she was paid and I’d sort something out . Never heard from her.

Few weeks later I get a few different messages from a few beauty therapists, claiming that not only has she done the same to them for a higher amount , that she’s been going about bragging about it aswell that she’s not paying up and hahah etc .

Anyways it’s prom season and she’s looking for a hair dresser for her daughter. And in the comment there names of people then there messages from other people who have run ins with her.

So I privately messaged a few of them saying to be careful and watch basically . Then I left a comment my self 🤦🏼‍♀️😩🤜🏼🤷🏼‍♀️ stating basically everything I’ve just wrote above. So everyone was able to see.

Then I got a cock and bull story and voice messages saying this that and the next thing . And she’s calling the police (no sign of them lol)
(Got pictures and proof to back it all up)

But I’m not looking for money back for others, that’s there issue, but I just want mines and to see what I can do.

I’ve gave her until 4pm tonight before I up load them for everyone to see and hopefully no one else gets sucked in. Plus this is the 2nd Friday I’ve gave her to as it was pay weekend.

She has deleted the original post , that’s why I going to share it.

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