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  1. Cpazza

    Henna hair dye

    Hi What's your thoughts on henna? I dye my hair myself, I am not a hairdresser BTW, and use JoiCo natural brown to cover grey. I am wanting to change to a non toxic colour, my hairdresser who is really good said they are unpredictable but I just don't want to use chemicals on my hair. Can any...
  2. L

    Henna brows

    I recently passed my henna brow course and i have been using imperium henna. Could anybody recommend any other brand to use please as I feel like every time I use the product I am left with small patches like in the photo. Tia x
  3. A

    Henna brows

    Hi! Does anyone know if you can mix supercilium henna with normal water or does it have to be with fixing lotion to take? This is only for personal use, I’ve misplaced my fixing lotion and really wanted to do my brows today and I know you can mix normal henna with warm water. Any advise for a...
  4. L

    Henna Brow brand

    Hi, I am about to complete a henna brow course, however I am looking for recommendations on a good brand to use for my clients? Has anyone got any suggestions?
  5. D

    To train in henna or not?

    Hi, I’ve been HD Brow and microblading trained for 6 years now and I’m contemplating whether to offer henna brows to my clients? I’m a little confused as to whether my clients will gain much from it as I thought the reason people liked it is because the tint lasts longer on the skin. But I’ve...
  6. L

    Best henna brow product?

    Hey all! I'm trying to add henna brows to my menu but I'm wondering which products you guys recommend? I am looking for an affordable but good quality brand that produces effective results. Also, they need to be able to easily ship to the UK. Thanks!