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  1. Claire Harness

    Need to change from WAXU wax - any good recommendations?

    I've used WAXU for almost 5 years now. It is amazing for hollywoods and facial waxing. I tried numerous waxes before just after I trained and switched to WAXU, mainly HIVE and Salon Services, but I don't think they are that good, they are not a superior wax in my opinion However WAXU customer...
  2. A

    Hollywood waxing!

    Hello my lovelies I pray you are all well and staying safe! I really need help!! I used to get my hollywood wax done from the salon before the whole covid-19 however when lockdown happened I had no choice but to try it out myself and I must admit I am well proud of myself as I have now learnt...
  3. A

    Hard/hot wax, help!

    We have recently introduced hard/hot wax to our salon for Brazilian and Hollywood waxes. We have been using Clean and Easy but it snaps repeatedly throughout the treatment no matter how thick I apply it, the consistency is closer to honey wax when melted and I think I’d prefer to use something...
  4. HMC

    Hot wax going grainy/gritty, any ideas why?

    We been using Lycon So Yummy Chocolate Hot Wax and Lycon Lavender LycoJet for years and years, and lately they have been going grainy/gritty in the pots. It's extremely hard to use as it will either snap (brittle) or stick to the skin (like it has no oils, or it sucks the moisture out and...