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  1. Abbiegolland95

    How to infill?

    So when I did my course in Acrylic Overlay she said she didn't need to show me how to do an infill which at the time didn't worry me so much. Now I am at the point where I am wanting to start trying working on clients but the one thing I don't know how to do is this.... I have tried to find...
  2. M

    Acrylic nail infill

    I’m new to this, and completely unsure if im posting this in the correct place so apologies in advance. I’m taking training course in nails but I still like taking the time out my day to go to salons and have my nails done by other professionals. Today I went for my first infill... however I...
  3. K

    Acrylic infills not lasting

    Hi, I've tried to find a thread similar to what I'm wondering but can't, so sorry if this has already been answered! It's been a few months since I qualified & I did a full set of acrylics on a client which lasted really well until her infills. I infilled the nails and after a few days she's...
  4. RebeccaJayneNails

    Gel/acrylic in fills - how much to charge?

    I’ve recently set up as a mobile nail tech, I’ve got pretty much all my price list sorted except for infills. Just wondering how much you guys charge for gel/acrylic infills so I can get an idea of a right/fair price for my clients! Thanks