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    Koleston Me+

    I haven’t used Wella but years ago I took a class and always kept koleston in the back of my mind. Has anyone seen any differences between the old KP and the Me+? I saw in an older thread that Me+ might oxidizing quicker but, now that it’s been out for a couple years, has anyone had any issues...
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    Wella 77/43 question

    I am training in hair color, and I am new to Wella. I have seen Koleston 77/43 recommended for resistant gray/white hair but also recommended as a very intense color for those who want a really punchy color but aren’t necessarily graying. I’m wondering if both can be true, as I am concerned that...
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    Koleston Perfect 8/0 with 30 vol orange roots help

    Hello, i'm just needing a bit of advice please. I have attached a couple of pics for reference. I have been using KP for years. I am a base 7 and I started with a 8/7 Over the years I went a few shades higher to blend in with the lighter grown out previous colour. So I started of a mid brown...