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  1. L

    Comparison between two laser machines

    I have an assignment that I’m struggling with comparing the two following laser machines for hair removal: - candela gentlemax pro - alma soprano Ice platinum I can’t find much difference apart from the obvious wavelength differences. I must Analyse the legal and ethical implications of the...
  2. Jessica Lazer Lounge

    Laser Hair Removal Blogs

    Hi I'm new to all this an wanted some advice on blogs what what people think of what I've done so far any advice would be great. Thanks Jessica
  3. K

    Laser hair removal machines from China?

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has any experience of buying products For your business to do treatments with from China? The cost difference it’s huge and the machine I’m looking at is well and truly out of my price range I would appreciate any feedback thank you
  4. P

    Laser Hair Removal Machine - AW3

    Hi all, I’d like some help. I’m looking to purchase a laser hair removal machine and I’ve been speaking with a number of companies. Some machines are incredibly expensive and others more affordable on a payment/finance plan. I know I definitely need a laser (diode, alexandrite, ND-YAG) if a...
  5. D

    AllWhite3000 advice

    Hello, I'm a salon owner looking to branch out with my treatment range. I currently do waxing but I am looking for hair removal. I'm in contact with a company called AllWhite3000 as they seem like one of the more affordable and more popular machines. But it seems it so hard to find any...