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    Laser hair removal machines from China?

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has any experience of buying products For your business to do treatments with from China? The cost difference it’s huge and the machine I’m looking at is well and truly out of my price range I would appreciate any feedback thank you
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    Laser Hair Removal Machine - AW3

    Hi all, I’d like some help. I’m looking to purchase a laser hair removal machine and I’ve been speaking with a number of companies. Some machines are incredibly expensive and others more affordable on a payment/finance plan. I know I definitely need a laser (diode, alexandrite, ND-YAG) if a...
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    Soprano Ice

    Hi everyone, I’m a fully qualified beauty therapist, I’m really considering offering laser hair removal, I’d like to use the soprano ice machine. Do I need to train with them exclusively? I’ve tried to look online but can’t seem to find any information? Do I just do a good laser hair course and...
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    Waxing business vs laser business - help!

    Hi, I’m currently trying to weigh up different options for going self-employed in the future and need some advise! I’m currently experienced in waxing (facial, body, intimate etc) however don’t have any official qualifications (I was trained through the company I work for). I think to get...
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    AllWhite3000 advice

    Hello, I'm a salon owner looking to branch out with my treatment range. I currently do waxing but I am looking for hair removal. I'm in contact with a company called AllWhite3000 as they seem like one of the more affordable and more popular machines. But it seems it so hard to find any...