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  1. H

    Best lash lift kit

    Hello, I use lashus from sweetsqaured at work, I find the product works perfectly fine but unfortunately can’t purchase for myself as my account doesn’t let me. I’ve used flawless lashes lash kit at home but I don’t seem to get a consistent result on my family. What lash lift kits / courses does...
  2. Anyaaa

    Classic lashes advice

    Hi huns! I've just completed my classic lash course so far I've practised on 4 models. I'm just here for any advise and help to do with lashes. I've noticed I'm an hour faster, I'm happy with my lashes however I would like to improve them as I think they could look better. I would like to...
  3. K

    Best lash extension training?

    It’s a minefield! Where does everyone recommend to train?
  4. K

    Best professional lash lift

    Hello All! I am new to this forum, but I wanted some advice on professional lash lifting. The salon I work for is getting into lashes and I was asked to research companies and find out which would work best for us. I've been having a little difficulty finding different companies. So I was just...
  5. D

    I generally get really nervous before clients!

    Hey I’m just looking for tips on how to control my nerves!! I was in the beauty industry around 8 years ago and have a had a baby recently, I’m going back into the industry now as it works better with my family life. I’m doing Russian and classic lashes only been doing them around 2 months and...
  6. Iasmibia

    Elleebana lash lift problems

    Hello girls. I have a big problem.. maybe you can help me. I was doing tbe lash lift with ellebana products.. and after 20 minutes just the lashes from right eye have problems. The lash is curly. Just one eye... the other one is perfect. I did the same procedure like always . What can i do to...