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  1. S

    Lash lift failure, which brand should I switch to?

    Hi everyone: sorry I was not sure where to post as there doesn’t seem to be a lash thread? I am trained in lash lift and I am not overly confident as never done a lift I loved (need more practice). I’ve been watching videos and trying to learn tips and tricks to get better I started with Salon...
  2. C

    Lash lifting help!

    I think I’m really struggling with lash lifting at the moment. At first I thought it was the glue you apply to stick the lashes on the shield so changed brands completely and still not getting the result I want? Any help would be much appreciated😩
  3. A

    Last lift product Elleebana

    Hi all, I’ve been trained in lash lifts & started using salon system which I didn’t get on too well with so switched to Airlift. I find I get great results however for clients who want the ‘pulled up’ lash look all my airlift lifts are always curled. I have since purchased a Elleebana test kit...
  4. H

    Best lash lift kit

    Hello, I use lashus from sweetsqaured at work, I find the product works perfectly fine but unfortunately can’t purchase for myself as my account doesn’t let me. I’ve used flawless lashes lash kit at home but I don’t seem to get a consistent result on my family. What lash lift kits / courses does...
  5. L

    Elleebana rods or shields?

    Hi. Im totally new to salongeek so hopefully im posting in the right place. I was wondering what peoples thoughts were on the elleebana rods and shield. Do you prefer one over the other? Also which rod is the closest size to the medium shield? Thanks in advance.
  6. C

    Lash lift patch testing

    What area are you meant to patch test all the lash lift lotions on? And for how long? According to my training it can be behind the ear or opposite side of the elbow, however to me this just doesn’t make sense because the product shouldn’t be touching skin, even when the treatment actually...
  7. G

    Lashes too short for lash lift?

    Hi everyone Any tips on lifting lashes that are very short? I feel as if a small shield won’t be small enough! This clients lashes are small and fair. Any advice? X
  8. G

    Lashbase or Lash Bomb?

    Hi everyone, Which lash lifting products do you find work better, Lashbase or Lash Bomb? I'm currently using Salon Systems and I'm thinking about switching brands, I've heard really good reviews about Lash Bomb, but it's a bit pricier than Lashbase and Salon Systems! Is it worth it? Thanks x
  9. Pipi

    Expired Elleebana

    I have a couple of Elleebana lash lift lotions (1&2) that will expire in March. Can I keep them to use for patch test? Unfortunately I don't have enough clients to use them before expiration. Can you please advise?
  10. N

    Lash lift safe to do a day after?

    I used the icon sign lash lift kit and it worked perfectly fine for my right lashes, however for my left eye I didn’t leave the perm on long enough so they’re not lifted at all. I did it 24 hours ago, is it safe to re do my left eye?
  11. SuzH

    Lash lift

    Hiya, what system is everyone using in the UK I got taught with salon systems (Sallys) and the glue is amazing. I tried a different product the other day and it’s not good. What ones are people using that aren’t too expensive as always the client likes the costs low? Thanks.
  12. G

    Salon System lash lift not that great?

    I'm trained with Salon Systems for lash lift, however, I've noticed that sometimes the lift isn't as dramatic as I would like on my clients, it often looks like a small and subtle curl, even when using the small curling shields and making sure to place the lifting lotion to the root. Has anyone...
  13. C

    Nouveau LVL

    Hi, I trained in LVL with nouveau a little over 12 months ago now, however I gave it up for a while as I was so busy with lash extensions. I am wanting to get back into it, I’ve ordered a whole new kit however I can’t find my training manual and can’t remember the timings on how long each...
  14. C

    Why my lash lift didn’t work?

    Hi everyone! I’m new here and was hoping for some advice on my recent lash lift. So I’m pretty new to anything like lash lifts and extensions. I have super long and thick lashes but they are very straight. I decided a lash lift would be right for me because I was tired of curling my lashes and...
  15. R

    Salon System lash lift failures

    Hi All. I’ve been using the SS Lashlift products for about a year. Recently I noticed the treatment not taking as I’d have expected a few times. I assumed it was because I was getting to the end of the bottles and so it was less effective. I’ve just used a new set of bottles today, and again...
  16. Laser&BeautybyJoJo

    Lash lift patch test

    Hi, Could someone please run me through the patch test procedure... my trainer didn’t teach me this part Where do you test and how much for how long... where do you test the tint? Xx Thanks Jo
  17. Iasmibia

    Elleebana lash lift problems

    Hello girls. I have a big problem.. maybe you can help me. I was doing tbe lash lift with ellebana products.. and after 20 minutes just the lashes from right eye have problems. The lash is curly. Just one eye... the other one is perfect. I did the same procedure like always . What can i do to...
  18. BethRoberts94

    Salon Systems lash lift sachets?

    Can someone tell me if one sachet is for one eye or two please? I havent ordered yet, just trying to work out if more cost effective than the bottles? Also, can you get larger bottles or not? As I’m doing so many sets of lashes I’m running out so much faster than I intended too! Thankyou in...