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  1. S

    What is the best LED/UV lamp?

    Hi, We currently use the OPI dual cure lamps in the salon and have always used the OPI lamps. We found that since they changed from the black lamps to the newer white ones, we have been having so many more issues with the thumbs not curing but just had to put up with it! One of the lamps power...
  2. M

    LEDdot lamp - buy it now or wait until Black Friday?

    Hi lovely nail techs, I’m really keen to own the Light Elegance lamp. It’s £200+ and so I’m wondering if I might get a bargain if I hang on for either a VAT free day at Sweetsquared, or maybe a Black Friday deal? What do you think? I’m not sure how often Sweetsquared have offers, if at all!
  3. D

    Can you cure OPI Gelcolor polish with Sephora OPI Gelshine lamp?

    I have tried this a number of times on myself and it seems to cure properly. But I know mixing and matching sculpting gels with different lamps is a big no-no in terms of achieving a proper cure. Does this apply to gel polishes as well? I am wondering if perhaps they are close enough in formula...
  4. Annie1991

    UV/LED combined lamp

    Hi everyone, I’m wanting to get a better lamp that is broad spectrum and so will cure a few different brands. I currently have a UV lamp but have been reading that combined lamps can be better as they will tick more boxes. Does anyone have any suggestions for a decent sized lamp (can fit...
  5. S

    Gel nail brands and lamp

    Hi everyone so for Christmas my auntie got me a gel nail lamp from amazon (48w uv/led), the brand is gustala.... I understand you are supposed to use the same brand products (like polish colour, base and top coat) but is it okay to use different brands with my lamp as long as I use that brands...
  6. HelenKnight

    CND LED lamp

    Does anybody use their CND LED lamp for curing The gel Bottle Products? Ive just ordered some rubber base coat and wondered how long to cure it for? And also how long would you cure the gel bottle colours for? TIA