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  1. R

    Nail art clean up with The Gel Bottle

    I've recently got a few colours from The Gel Bottle which I love but am finding them a little harder to work with for nail art. I usually use CND shellac and trained with them so am used to using isopropyl alcohol to neaten up any edges on my nail art - tried this with TGB and whilst its okay...
  2. D

    Nail photo background

    Hey there! I wonder if anyone can help with an advice! As we are all locked down these days there isnt much to do apart from some creative thinking haha I was checking some nail artists profiles and I noticed that some use really nice custom made background papers/sheets with their logos...
  3. GirlWithTheWolfTattoo

    Nail foil confusion

    I recently brought a nail foil set with foil gel... On the bottle it says apply a thin layer to nail cure for 10-15 seconds apply foil... I follow the instructions but for the life of me can't get it to work, I've tried curing for 30 seconds, 40, 50 and even a minute... But no matter how long I...
  4. C

    Encapsulating hybrid gel polish with hard gel

    Hi, Does anyone know if this is possible? So could you paint a hybrid polish onto the nail, add chunky glitter and then encapsulate with a builder gel. Wondering if the builder gel would adhere properly and last. Trying to decide on brands, really like the look of ink London but am concerned...
  5. I

    Would you mind to share your Christmas manicure?

    Hi, everybody, wish you a Merry Christmas! I have bought a nail art tips set, and want to paint a Christmas manicure. I think it must be beautiful. Does anyone have this idea like me? Would you mind to share your Christmas manicure? So excited to do my manicure and see your works! Thank you
  6. H

    Nail acrylic brand

    What’s the best brand for acrylic ? That has a range of colours ?
  7. S

    To use an electric file or not?

    Pros & cons on using a drill please? (Acrylic nails) Also if you do, which drill do you use? Thanks
  8. H

    Nail art pricing - help

    Hi everyone, Am new here and just starting out as a nail tech. I’ve worked out my price list but am struggling with the nail art aspect. My biggest question is: How do you charge for Swarovski Crystals? Do you charge by size? The number of stones? If they’re standard or AB stones? I...