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    E-file recommendations please?

    I have recently opened a salon in my home and at the moment am offering gel nails, builder gels and gel extensions. I am confident with hand filing but think its time to look into training and an e-file to save me some time. Can anybody recommend me an beginner e-file please? - it will mostly be...
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    Would you mind to share your Christmas manicure?

    Hi, everybody, wish you a Merry Christmas! I have bought a nail art tips set, and want to paint a Christmas manicure. I think it must be beautiful. Does anyone have this idea like me? Would you mind to share your Christmas manicure? So excited to do my manicure and see your works! Thank you
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    To use an electric file or not?

    Pros & cons on using a drill please? (Acrylic nails) Also if you do, which drill do you use? Thanks