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    Beginner nail tech courses

    Hi, Looking for advice on the best nail tech courses available in Scotland for a complete beginner. I have been doing research online and feeling overwhelmed by all the different courses and options. However, found that I keep going back to the Young Nails complete professional course. Just...
  2. C

    Is this normal for a nail salon?

    Hey! My name is Christina and im a new nail tech, I've been doing my own nails for years but recently started doing others and graduated manicuring classes a little less then a year ago. Nails are my passion and i recently started working at a salon and I've been there around almost 6 months...
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    To use an electric file or not?

    Pros & cons on using a drill please? (Acrylic nails) Also if you do, which drill do you use? Thanks
  4. K

    Dip top coat help

    Hey! I have been using NSI dip (which is a led dip system) I have just felt it has not been as durable as the Artistic, Gelish, etc dip systems..So I made a switch to artistic perfect dip system, but had a horrible experience with top coat! Also the acetone eats the top coat on my nails. I’m...
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    E-file training?

    Hi everyone I havnt used an e-file in years as I usually prefer to hand file, but now am having serious repetitive strain problems with my wrists. Which is making me consider an e-file. But i dont feel confident enough to just use one as i have witnessed the damage they can cause in the wrong...
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    Nail technician training

    Hi guys, I am just looking for a bit of advice. I am currently doing my level 3 vtct nail technician training and finish in November. At the moment I am also full time employed, and am looking for advice as to what the next steps are best when I am qualified. I’ve been reading around and a...
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    Nail advice?

    Can anyone help me out ! Does anyone have any PDF files of any nail education that they could email across, I'm starting out and kinda need some advice on a structured gel/acrylic nail extension . Thanks for any advice xx