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    MyLee Gel nail polish?

    Hi I’m just beginning my training however I’m looking in to what brands are best. I’ve come across Mylee Mygel and I want to know your thoughts on the product. Thanks :)
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    Conservatory for doing nails, help!

    I’m starting out as a nail tech and am planning on converting a conservatory- more like a ‘lean-to’ into a nail salon. I didn’t even consider this might be an issue until I saw a nail post on Facebook, where people have said this is a ‘no-go’ and that gel will cure on the brush in conservatories...
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    Nail pro tools for cuticle work advice please, which brand?!

    I’m new to the nail business and am in the process of investing in stock and tools. In an ideal world I’d spend hundreds on Navy nippers, scissors, pushers..... but I don’t have that money! On the other hand, I don’t want bog basic tools from Ali Express! Can anyone recommend a decent but...