Nail pro tools for cuticle work advice please, which brand?!


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I’m new to the nail business and am in the process of investing in stock and tools. In an ideal world I’d spend hundreds on Navy nippers, scissors, pushers..... but I don’t have that money! On the other hand, I don’t want bog basic tools from Ali Express!

Can anyone recommend a decent but affordable brand/website of nail tools? I’ve endlessly googled but not found a lot. I’ve been told not to scrimp on tools yet I can only find top end or low end tools and no in between!

Thanks in advance :)


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Try Tweezerman for clippers and cuticle pushers
Orly do a good cuticle pusher
Cuccio do a very small cuticle nipper which i like for very accurate cuticle work.
All barbicide and isopropryl alcohol proof ,
I buy mine from Alan Howard or sally's or cuccio.
They will last years, if treated well. I always put a layer of cotton wool in the bottom of my barbicide to prevent my tools from damage and becoming blunt.
Have a look see what you think as an affordable option.