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  1. L

    Hand tied extension weft cut.

    I had hand ties extensions installed a couple of weeks ago and just realized that the hair stylist cut them. They are now unraveling at the ends. I did not purchase them from her, but did let her know that they were hand tied extensions during my consult and the day she installed them. Besides...
  2. C

    Blonde to dark Dia Richesse

    Hi, I’m looking for a little help... The hair to begin with is a natural root level 8/7 and a lot of natural ash, the mid length and ends are previously bleached in places (balayage).. I have been putting a level 5 Dia richesse on but the roots are fading warm and the rest of the hair is fading...
  3. B

    Please help with extensions info

    Hello everyone! I’m newly qualified in hair extensions and researching all hair suppliers. I’ve been advised to use angel remy but their stock seems so low it’s hard to use them as a main supplier. Heard great things about prestige & euphoria one. I’m just getting all my prices together and...
  4. jen1989cuttie

    Training & invalidating insurance

    Sorry I wasn’t sure where to post this but I was wondering if someone could help me! I went in a course that has been misrepresented and I was also taught things that could invalid my insurance. I was wondering if there is a law against that and what would it be under? I know the...
  5. jen1989cuttie

    Which is your favourite 'gel polish' brand?

    i have been using gel2 for almost 3-4 years now, I'm looking to change brands because i have found gel2 are always out of stock on the colours/top coats i need. I am in-love with all the colours gel2 offer but i'm now thinking to change brands. please can you tell me your favourite brands...
  6. T


    So, I work at a beauty salon and my boss keeps passively saying I should be quicker at my services... It normally takes me 2 hours for a full set, and 45 mins for both a gel Mani basic pedi... She wants me to get my times down to 45 mins for a full set and 25 mins for gel Mani basic pedi... I...
  7. H

    Newly qualified lash extension help!

    I have just completed my course in individual eyelash extensions and now looking to add to my kit but I don’t know where to start! Can anyone guide me as to what I need to buy in terms of lashes? Which curl, diameter lashes I should invest in..... I will stick to mixed trays as works out cheaper...
  8. T

    Little details about having a self employed therapist

    Hello, I have a salon in Norfolk. It is currently only me working there but I am thinking of getting someone in, part time, on a self employed basis. I have a few things that I am unsure of regarding how this would work. I understand that they are not employed by me and therefore are not...
  9. IndiaRoisin

    Sanitising palettes help?

    I just finished doing a clients make up and got home to find I left my alcohol spray bottle at her house, I’m worried that if I don’t sanatise my palettes ASAP they will be germy and stuff and build bacteria?? I’ve ordered new alcohol and spray bottle off amazon but the earliest it can get here...