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    Perming an elderly lady’s hair

    Hiya. I have an elderly lady who wants her hair permed. She used to go to a salon but now because of her hips she can’t really move around much. How would I go about perming her hair? Shampooing, then neutralising. I think I’m finding the neutralising part the scariest, as I can’t have her over...
  2. M

    Help with perm

    Hello , I am a licensed cosmetologist and I need help! So I’ve permed my fiancé’s hair twice and the curls don’t come out curly! He has thick dark hair, I use white and grey rods and I use Feels so lovely regular hair solution. And I’m debating if switching over to the feel so lively resistant...
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    Perming - winding techniques

    Hi all I'm a newly qualified stylist, I'm gonna be practicing my perming techniques as I havnt done many, just wanted to know, what winding pattern would you suggest to achieve loose curls on a shoulder length haired client? I plan to use the wella intense wave :) Tia x