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  1. K

    Return to work after lockdown while pregnant!

    Hey, Are there any other self employed pregnant stylists out there? And what are your plans on returning to work if at all at the moment? I’m 15 weeks and due in November, if I’m honest I’m a bit nervous to go back, I work in a salon and they’re preparing for opening back up with all the...
  2. M

    Mobile whilst pregnant?

    Hi, I’ve been hairdressing for a total of 16 years, the last 8 I’ve been running a successful mobile business, travelling fairly far and wide from my home town (all within 35 min drive). I’m now 34 and thinking about starting a family, it’s got me thinking about how I would manage whilst...
  3. B

    Pregnancy massage

    I’m looking to offer pregnancy massage in our salon but would like to use a pregnancy pillow rather than massaging with client on her side etc. Can anyone recommend courses that would offer something like this please? Thanks!