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  1. T

    Hair extensions

    Post deleted
  2. J

    Change in career, advice needed please

    Hey, Im looking towards a change in career from an office based role into skin care and eventually SPMU. I have spent hours researching but feel a bit lost with all the information that ive found. Im 32 and have no beauty experience. I would like to focus purely on skin- RF facials, peeling...
  3. L

    Hair extensions training

    Hi I am a qualified Hair Extension provider and I have been trained for over 10 years in Fusion, Micro Rings & Micro Ring Weft. However, the most popular methods I fit at the moment are Micro Rings and Braidless Weaves. Over the years there have been new techniques/methods of hair extensions...
  4. N

    Beauty therapists of 15-20 years experience, help!

    Good Evening All..... I’m seeking some assistance from any therapists out there who have a BTEC National Diploma in Beauty Therapy. I trained in London between 1998-2000 and was awarded my BTEC ND in the summer of 2000. I’ve never had trouble with insurance but I’m now working for a salon and...
  5. R

    Training academy qualification

    Hey guys, I have completed a nail technician course through a training academy but I'm not sure what level it is as only says "for archiving a high standard in uv gel nails, silk/fibreglass, gel polish, acrylic, Hollywood toes, Crystal toes, French manicure, manicure and pedicure". I'd like to...
  6. L

    A.C.T. Fast training

    Hey Has anyone done A.C.T (adrenaline controlled topical) Fast training for the SPMU/ microblading work? I was told on my course that its imperative to do it but there arent a lot of providers , that I can see, in the UK. Thanks Lb
  7. Pauline.za

    Training in Cape Town for nails - kindly advise

    Hello, I am wanting to do a nail course in Cape Town, South Africa; and have seen so many options and standards. I kindly need some advice on which standard to go for and does anyone recommend any training courses please? I need guidance, thanks so much. My goal is to open my own work-from-home...
  8. C

    Need advice: beautician qualifications recognised in Australia

    Hi guys, I am an experienced beauty therapist with over a decade of experience in Hong Kong. I recently moved to Australia and was wondering if my qualifications let me practice in Australia. I have an ITEC, CIBTAC and City & Guilds qualification which are internationally recognised but that...