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  1. T

    Hair extensions

    Post deleted
  2. E

    Waxing business vs laser business - help!

    Hi, I’m currently trying to weigh up different options for going self-employed in the future and need some advise! I’m currently experienced in waxing (facial, body, intimate etc) however don’t have any official qualifications (I was trained through the company I work for). I think to get...
  3. F

    Self-employed or employed?

    Hi I’m just looking for any insight to anybody’s experiences when converting from being employed within a busy salon to self employed within the same salon. Was it worth it? Did it go smoothly? Any recommendations? Things you wished you knew before hand? Stock? Rent fees? Accountancy fees...
  4. L

    Mobile therapist tips

    Hey everyone! I’m quite new here and also new to the business aspect of things. I’m currently transitioning into aesthetics as a registered nurse and I have a few courses lined up (dermaplaning and microdermabrasion). I plan to do mobile services for my clients and I’m based in Kent but not to...
  5. Jades Nails

    Taking non refundable deposits

    I’ve just become self employed, renting a nail table from a salon. Lately the salon including myself have had no shows, some won’t even bother to give a text to let me know they cannot make the appointment. I was talking to the owner and she said she is going to start taking deposits for all...
  6. Nailsbynataliamalaga

    Need advice renting table

    Evening everyone thanks for taking the time to read this i am a fully qualified nail technician, so i have a full time job covering my house hold bills etc i met with a salon owner on Friday who offered me to rent a table in her salon at 50€ a day who i explained i only wanted to start doing...
  7. Soph_beauty

    Lash lifting

    Hi, I’ve been wanting to do lash lifting for a while now as I am a mobile business. At first I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do lifting or extensions but I’ve come to the conclusion that lifting will fit in with my current personal life. However, I don’t know what brand to go for in lifting. I...
  8. M

    Beauty room/space to rent in Kent

    Hi, Completely new to all of this, don’t even know if I am posting in the right section! I am newly qualified in acrylic nails and have self taught designs etc. I will also be completely facial courses in the near future to add this to my services. I am in need of a beauty room or space to...
  9. A

    Microblading mobile

    Hello I just got contact from K.P brow who said that I'd have to be in a shop or rent a room to do microblading and I wouldn't be able to do this mobile? Is this correct or is this something they maybe have to suggest for their own public liability... Thanks
  10. Jlouise

    Working for myself for the first time, help!

    Hey everyone hope you're all doing well. I've been offered a job elsewhere at a salon doing nails in a hairdressers. I would.oay weekly for rent and everything i take would be mine. I just have to provide my own equipment and all products. Can work whenever the hell I want, even on a Sunday...