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  1. modernlydie

    A little something to bring you some festive cheer!

    So, in the first lockdown, my colleagues and I put together a parody of the Frozen song 'Let it go'. We got so fed up of clients asking us what to do with their hair so we created 'Let it grow'! So many people enjoyed it and it got shared all over the world. I noticed this time, lockdown has had...
  2. M

    Hairdressing studio room?

    I’m a mobile hairdresser and have been for 10 years, I’m considering finally setting up a base somewhere that’s not in my home, but don’t want to rent a chair in someone’s salon either. I’m thinking of doing what a lot of beauty therapists do, rent a ‘treatment room’ style mini hair studio with...
  3. B

    New to this site!

    Hello to All! I am new to this site. I am a professional salon business owner and looking to navigate through this forum! Any suggestions and tips are greatly appreciated
  4. H

    Self employed renting a chair in salon help

    does anyone have a set list that could help me out such as where to start with tax, how much stock should i buy and when, best way to advertise myself for walkins, how to keep records of what comes in and out, including my rent i pay. will be a cash only salon so hows best to keep the money...