Advice for a new stylist? (USA)


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Feb 25, 2021
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hi, i’ve never posted on here before so firstly i apologize if i’m doing this or anything wrong! anyways, i’m 20 years old and i just got my cosmetology license as of november 2020. the thing is, i haven’t done anything with it yet, as in i’m not working in a salon right now or anything. i’m currently working at sallys and i love it, but i’m bummed that i’m not doing anything as a stylist & it makes me feel like a failure. the thing holding me back is i’m so unsure where to start looking for jobs & this industry is so new to me that i’m scared that no ones going to want to take in somebody fresh out of school with hardly any experience. i know i want to specialize in color because that’s what i’m really good at, but again i’m just not sure where to start. i was thinking of applying to supercuts to start off, but again i’m so unsure that anyone would want me because i’m so new. i also really struggle with believing in myself and i know thats super important because it projects into your work, so i just need advice all around because i feel so lost and held back because of my anxiety. any help or guidance would be so appreciated. i guess let know of good starter jobs for someone that’s just got out of cosmetology school?

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