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  1. JadaDaisy

    Fake tanning after sunbed?

    So I’ve been going on the sunbed (still yet to develop a tan though) but I’m not tanned yet and I have something coming up, so I want to fake tan for it. But I’m wondering, will this put my sunbed sessions to waste, when i exfoliate the fake tan off, because wont it exfoliate my real sunbed...
  2. JadaDaisy

    Not tanning on sunbeds, exfoliating/moisturising?

    I’m very pale, in the past I’ve only ever been on the sunbeds once and that was enough for me to tan (but it was after I’d been to Turkey for a week so I guess by then my skin had gotten used to it, even though I came back pale still). However, I now have no base tan, I’ve been on the beds about...
  3. Sophie7272

    Which spray tan course?

    I am looking at a sienna x tanning course at £xxx with kit and also a fake Bake with kit at £xxx. There is also a local lady near me which does crazy angel course and kit for about £xxx. What I would like to know is do you think it is worth paying more and going with a better brand or all they...
  4. T

    Sienna x True T200 v True Touch

    Hi I’m looking at buying one of the above, I’m just starting out and a friend recommended True Touch. Just wondering what people’s opinions are on these, or is there a better lightweight durable and easy to use machine? Thanks x
  5. jen1989cuttie

    Sunbeds advice!

    I'm looking for sunbeds to buy, i came across a website that sells refurbished sunbeds for £1200 (the website said someting about small business's and i think it said its in kent) but me being silly i thought i would be able to remember the website. I've been searching and searching but i cant...
  6. E

    Spray tan machine recommendation

    Hi everyone, I’m new to this so not sure if I’m doing it right! I have a makeup artistry business but I have just qualified as a spray tanner too to add another string to my bow. I have ordered my spray tanning machine but one of the guns doesn’t work. I have been online and seen that my...
  7. AshLovesTanning

    Prolong your spray tan

    As it's summer now, I feel the need to say the contrary on how to make your spray tan last longer. Prolonging your spray tan does not start with moisturiser but with what cleanser you use in the shower. Moisturiser moisturises dry skin, but if you use harsh cleansers in the shower that are...
  8. S

    Spray tan disaster!

    Hi, I had a spray tan today and a few weeks ago I burnt my legs mildly. They’re still peeling and one on of my legs I have a patch which is completely white due to the peeling skin!! Is there any way I can fix this? I don’t own the tan or a touch up pen so not sure if I would be able to fill it...